Donald Trump

TrumpPhoto: Dominick Reuter

Had a long conversation on the phone last night with my brother about Trump. He reckons Trump doesn’t take himself too seriously and that a lot of his comments are intended to be funny. He also thinks that most of Trump’s outrageousness is designed to ensure he gets maximum press coverage. So far it seems to be working.

I’m not so sure that Trump is quite as benign as my brother thinks he is. When I look at his treatment of the people on his golf course in Aberdeenshire, he seems like a bit of a bully. Calling Mexican immigrants “Rapists” is quite an inflammatory thing to do. Then there’s this list of his Twitter insults. (He calls Neil Young, one of my rock heroes, a “Hypocrite“, which is plainly unforgivable.)

I’m not very well-informed about the Republican alternatives to Trump so I can’t say if he’s the least-worst candidate but it seems to me that he’d be a liability if he got the job.

Of the Democrats, I’d much rather Bernie Sanders got in there than Hillary but that seems unlikely given how far left he must seem to most Americans.

The election is on November the 8th. It’ll be interesting.


Author: stephen

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