The M8

To Edinburgh on the M8 today. It’s not my favourite road. The last time I drove along it there was a storm and my wee car was getting blown about quite a bit. Then there was the road works, the lorries, the spray, the surface water. All in all not a great trip.

Today was better but still not great. You have two choices on the M8: the slow lane, where you trundle along at 45-55 mph sandwiched between lorries; or the “Fast” lane, where traffic goes a little bit faster but you find yourself being harassed by people in a more of a hurry than I usually am.

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The M8 on a sunnier day.

My brother commutes on the M8 a few times a week (I used to do it myself) and it’s even less of a joy at rush hour. All it takes is a breakdown or a crash and your 90 minute commute becomes a three-hour headache.

A partial answer would be to add a third lane on each side.  There’s work in progress at the moment where it looks like this is being done for at least parts of the whole. However adding the required lanes for the entire length of it would cost a huge amount.

As an occasional user, I would be happy to pay a toll to fund the third lanes. Commuters might have a different view as it would obviously be more expensive for them but on the other hand they would have a better road. This is one of the main transport routes in Scotland and it’s completely inadequate in its current state. I wonder when it’ll get better?


Author: stephen

Software Test Analyst / Technical Author in Scotland.