Amazon Delivering Live Lobsters.

From today’s Sunday Times:
“Amazon is marketing live lobsters for home delivery, meaning the creatures spend days in a box as couriers drive them around the country. The Canadian creatures sell for £46.49 each, including delivery, and arrive up to 12 days after being ordered.

The revelation follows growing concern over the treatment of lobsters, crabs and other large crustaceans that are often kept alive for days or weeks after capture, transported long distances and then boiled alive. The Swiss banned this cooking method last month.

The live lobsters available on Amazon are marketed by Fine Food Specialist, a separate firm based in New Covent Garden, southwest London, and founded by an Old Etonian, Drogo Montagu.

Amazon tried to distance itself from the sales, pointing out that Fine Food Specialist used its platform as an independent vendor, and declined to comment further.

Montagu said he was trying to offer the “highest-quality products”, adding: “In some cases the finest quality is live seafood . . . There is a small market for these products, but it is generally people who love their food and want the very best.”

He said there was “no evidence” to suggest lobsters could feel pain. However, Lynne Sneddon, director of bioveterinary science at Liverpool University, said: “Live transport is likely to cause a stress response due to confinement, deteriorating water quality and possible thermal stress.”

For living marine creatures sent out for delivery, perhaps the worst scenario is if the customer is out when the courier arrives — in which case, Amazon says, they are likely to be returned to a depot, where they will spend more days in confinement.”

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