It’s been a long winter and still a bit to go yet. Storms, and there have been plenty, have recently been given names by the authorities. Today’s turmoil brought to you by Gertrude:


Sequester / Awoiska Van Der Molen

I received a copy of Awoiska Van Der Molen’s “Sequester” in the post from Germany today. It’s a signed first edition. I don’t usually spend this much money on books but this one seemed special.

Sequester garnered a lot of critical acclaim when it was first published in 2014. The photographs are mostly quite or very dark, which I like. The subject matter is landscape – open country, hills and foliage. Print quality is excellent.

Ever the camera geek, I emailed Awoiska before I bought the book to ask which camera and film she uses. The answer is Mamiya RZ and Kodak / Ilford, though she wasn’t more specific than that. (She did say, though, “dear Stephen, knowing the camera and film I use won’t give you the recepy :)” )

Text interview with Awoiska here.
Nice Vimeo interview here.
Book flick-through video here.





I decided to go completely retro and start an olde-worlde blog. So here it is. Before this was here, I had an NDXZ Studio setup displaying some of my photographs but hardly anyone ever visited it so never mind.

I intend to blog periodically about the little things that interest me – principally: photography; cats; cooking; books… whatever I’m doing or, more likely, thinking about.