Prints Website

I made a site to sell my prints (Optimistic, I know):

There you will be able to buy archival inkjet and  (At some point in the future) photogravure prints. (Well you will if I ever figure out how to do photogravure…)

Home – Stephen McAteer

Home – Stephen McAteer

All Images © Stephen McAteer. “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”




img036 1200

This is just up the road a bit. Taken a few days ago. I thought I had Tri-X in the camera but it turned out to be Delta 400. A nice film all the same.

I’d like to make a gravure print of this. Might happen, might not.

It would be nice to have a press but they’re big, heavy and expensive, bedsides which I don’t have too many negatives that are suited to gravure.

Maybe one day though…


Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

To The Kelvingrove for a quick wander. It’s one of my favourite museums / art galleries. (The National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh runs it a close second.)

Amongst my favourite paintings in the Kelvingrove are two Monets:


Vétheuil, 1880 (Above) and, more importantly –


Ventimiglia, 1884. I could stand for a long time in front of this one and sometimes do. It makes me happy that you can be alone in front of a masterpiece in a small city like Glasgow. (Mind you there was a small rabble of schoolchildren at the other end of the gallery today but they moved away after a bit.)

The gallery itself is a fine-looking building too:

IMG_7757 Panorama

(I hope you’ll excuse the very terrible quality of this panorama. I hope to do better next time.)