Flying Less

Like most people in developed countries, I’ve done a fair bit of flying.

Most of my air miles were accumulated in flying to visit my brother in Italy, where he lived for about ten years. It’s about a 3,000 mile round-trip from Scotland.

However, he came back here in 2011.

I haven’t flown since and I can’t say I miss it: the hassle of parking; airport security; the cramped seats; the early starts…

Besides the inconvenience though, there’s another, bigger problem: climate change. Aviation currently generates about 2.5% of global carbon emissions.

This figure is rising as we fly more — by 2050 it could be over 20%. (Statistics from this page.)

Flying for leisure and pleasure is a luxury we take for granted. Looking at the implications of climate change though, I think the government would be justified in taxing it more heavily (In the UK, jet fuel isn’t currently taxed).

Whilst this would make travelling abroad more expensive, would it really be so bad to take your holidays in the UK?


There are some anti-flying (Or reduced flying) groups on Twitter that might be worth a look. For example:

Flight carbon emissions calculator here: