Outsourcing Healthcare

I worry about my health. (I worry about things generally but health is one of my favourite subjects.)

Yesterday I Googled “Online physio UK” and turned up a link to an Indian web site offering free advice from qualified Doctors, although it transpired that if you wanted quick answers you had to pay £15.99. I paid up.

Fifteen minutes later my phone pinged — question answered. The response was quite detailed, listing eight different exercises which would help.

Since I was quite impressed with the level of service (And being, as I’ve said, a bit of a hypochondriac), I asked two further questions about other issues.

Once more, the response was quick and reassuring.

I’m taking it on trust that the people responding to my queries are in fact trained Doctors, but what they presented to me looked convincing enough.

This might be the way medicine is heading, at least in part. Skype consultations are apparently going to be introduced by the NHS soon. I think it’s a good thing.

Video consultations with GPs are already available privately — Pushdoctor for example. I’m not sure what they cost but my guess is it’ll be more than the Indian service. (Update: a ten-minute consultation is £30.)

Whilst I have some reservations about private medicine, being able to ask a Doctor without having to bother my GP was good. I also didn’t have to wait three weeks, as would have been the case at my local surgery, so I’ll probably be using them again.