My brother put his old Audi in for an M.O.T.

The mechanic came back to him saying £700 of work needed to be done. The car’s only worth half that so my brother is considering his options.

M.O.T.s are only part of the costs of running a car. There’s also fuel, depreciation,  insurance, road tax and general maintenance to consider.

In my case this adds up to about £2000 a year. I use the car mainly to ferry my mum around and for the occasional trip to the Doctor / to get chocolate / to get milk etcetera.

Since we get our grocery shopping delivered now, a careful appraisal of what’s needed before ordering should eliminate the need for any trips through the week for stuff we’ve run out of.

The rest of what’s needed to run the house comes from Amazon or eBay nowadays.

So I could get by, I think, with buses, trains and the bike for the most part. It may come to that eventually. We’ll see.

Doing without the car would save money, I would get some exercise and I wouldn’t be polluting as much. What’s not to like?