Not Flaming

The nice yoga people emailed me. (I signed up for online yoga classes.)

They’re doing a retreat in Greece.

I emailed them back and said, approximately, that the less flying people did, the better.

Their reply:

“Hi Stephen,
Thank you for your valuable feedback.
We absolutely agree taking the train is a better option, whenever possible.
Please let us know if you need any suggestions for retreats closer to you, that would avoid flying.”

What they’re not saying here is that the majority of their yoga-ers will be flying to the retreat. (One round-trip long-haul flight produces the same amount of CO2 as a year’s driving, on average.)*

Making the trip to Greece for a relaxing break in the sun sounds appealing but I won’t be doing it. The people who travel to this retreat probably won’t give their pollution a second thought.

I won’t push the issue any further with the yoga company (I don’t want to be a troll) but I think their cynicism doesn’t quite fit with their right-on image.

*Update: You can calculate the emissions for any trip here:

According to that calculator, my flight to Greece and back would produce 1,193 kg of CO2. (Driving my car for a year produces 1352kg of CO2.)