Green Energy — Costs For This House

Out of curiosity, I decided to look at the cost of using 100% renewable electricity to run this house. It’s an old sandstone 3-bedroom semi-detached.

Currently, we use Sainsbury’s Energy.

Ovo are a ‘Green’ energy provider serving the UK. Their 100% renewable electricity tariff is currently 17.26p / KWH.

Heating the house with gas, we used about 34,000 KWH last year.
Electricity usage was about 4,000 KWH.

Sainsbury’s current gas tariff is 2.71p / KWH. Electricity is 14.28p / KWH.

So: assuming electric heating would be about as efficient as the gas boiler we have, running the house on 100% renewable electricity would cost 38,000 x 17.26p = £6558.80

Continuing with Sainsbury’s, costs would be a total of £1492.60

Difference: £5066.20 (An increase of 339%).

Maybe with a better-insulated modern house it would be less painful but for now, Sainsbury’s it is.