Food Emissions Calculator

I was trying to work out my (Approximate) total CO2 emissions per year.

The WWF calculator said food accounted for about 25% of it but I was looking for a number.

This calculator provides that (It’s aimed at a UK audience). You get a breakdown of which foods you’re consuming versus how much CO2 they generate.

Some of my results were surprising:

  • Carbon from beans: 567 kg per year
  • Carbon from carrots: 236 kg per year
  • Carbon from cheese: 108.5 kg per year

Beans alone account for almost a third of the emissions I would generate in a year of driving.

Answering the questions for the calculator drew my attention to the fact that it’s not just food miles that account for emissions, there’s also refrigeration.

Possibly I’ll look at home-growing some veg this year, even if it’s just beans.