Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans / Quick Review

I just finished watching this film (it’s free on YouTube).

Firstly, Michael Moore doesn’t appear in the film — the voiceover and interviews are done by Jeff Gibbs. (A cursory search on Wikipedia reveals that he composed the music for several of Moore’s previous movies.)

The main theme of this documentary is that humans are destroying the environment and it’s a fallacy that “Green Energy” is going to help.

Gibbs suggests that the green energy movement in the USA — and this film is primarily about the USA — has been infiltrated by big money and the hydrocarbon industry. He also exposes the environmental costs of manufacturing wind and solar energy units.

Whilst the tone of this movie is generally gloomy, I think there’s a lot of truth in what it has to say. One point made by several of the interviewees is that there are too many people on the planet, consuming too much.

I watched it in chunks through the day, since: a) It was a little too heavy for me to consume in one sitting; and b) I had some chores to attend to.

My rating for this film is 6/10 — it makes the point well but it seemed to me to be a little rambly and unfocused in places, as well as maybe a little over-zealous on portraying people like Al Gore as shills.

Anyway, you can watch it (Free) here and make up your own mind: