As the internet becomes more widely available around the planet, people in poorer countries will be able to see what the First World is enjoying.

It strikes me that some of those people will be motivated to try and get to where the good life is.

There’s also the fact of global warming to take into account: some people will find their home land increasingly hard to live in, due to excessive heat, drought, war or famine.

Those people too will want to move somewhere better.

This migration is already happening to a certain extent but I think it’ll accelerate as time goes on.

The rise of populism and anti-immigrant sentiment in the West is in part fuelled by increasing migration from less well-off countries.

As time goes on, I suspect the EU (If it still exists) will close its borders. Perhaps First-World governments will funnel aid to the worst-hit countries in order to encourage their people to stay at home.

I’m probably not going to be around to see the worst of it. I don’t see any easy solutions.