Robert Adams on Photography

Where would you say your style falls on a continuum between completely intuitive and intellectually formulated?

Style again. Let’s be clear: the effort that’s worth making is to try to create helpful, lasting photographs, what Dorothea Lange called “second lookers”. We’re not talking about how to plot career moves in pursuit of name recognition, gallery representation or money. Though having said that, photographers have to eat, and I’m sympathetic with those who face difficulties. This is America, after all — a savage place

~ Robert Adams / Financial Times, October 04, 2019

Andrei Tarkovsky on Work

“The great thing is to be free in your work. Of course it’s important to print or exhibit, but if that’s not possible you are still left with the most important thing of all—being able to work without asking anybody’s permission.”

~ Andrei Tarkovsky